International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 4 Num. 3 - November 2004


Functional Contextual Processes in Posttraumatic Stress [Procesos Contextuales Funcionales en Estr?s Postraum?tico]

Volume 4 Num. 3 - November 2004 - Pages 443-467


John T. Blackledge


A functional contextual conceptualization of posttraumatic stress is detailed. The preliminary model considers the role of several psychological processes that work to increase trauma victims? exposure to aversive stimulation and decrease their access to stable and long-term sources of positive reinforcement. These processes include cognitive fusion with negative evaluations, problematic behavioral rules, and recollections of traumatic events. Other processes addressed include experiential avoidance, skills deficits and excesses, stimulus discrimination problems, long-term effects of heightened physiological arousal, and physical barriers to positive reinforcement imposed by trauma. The article concludes with a discussion of assessment and treatment implications.

Key words:

Posttraumatic stress, PTSD, model, functional contextual, behavioral, relational frame theory, psychological processes

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