International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 20 Num. 2 - June 2020


Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on Anxiety and Depression for Nigerian Breast Cancer Patients

Volume 20 Num. 2 - June 2020 - Pages 223-232


Onyedibe, MCC , Nkechi, AC , Ifeagwazi, CM


Breast cancer patients are particularly weighed down by a variety of emotional distresses, including anxiety and depression. While the effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) have been reported in most Western countries, less is known about the effectiveness of CBT in anxiety and depression among Nigerian women with breast cancer. The study investigated the effectiveness of a 12 weeks group CBT on anxiety and depression among Nigerian breast cancer patients. The study adopted randomized controlled Pre-test Post-test design. Thirty one women with breast cancer were randomly allocated to two groups: CBT Group (n= 16) and a Control Group (CG, n= 15). The CBT group received a 12-week 90-minute CBT session once a week, while the CG received a booklet containing information on cancer and how to cope with cancer. Assessments were carried out for both groups at baseline (pre-test), after the intervention (post-test) and 2-months Follow-Up with measures of Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale (HADS). The results showed that participants in the CBT Group had decreased in anxiety and depression significantly at post-test and 2-month follow-up compared to the participants in the CG. The implications of the study was discussed in line with the inclusion of psychological treatments such as CBT in the management of cancer patients in an oncology setting in Nigeria where such treatments are grossly lacking.

How to cite this paper: Onyedibe MCC, Nkechi AC, & Ifeagwazi CM (2020). Effectiveness of Group Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy on Anxiety, and Depression in Nigerian Breast Cancer Patients. International Journal of Psychology & Psychological Therapy, 20, 2, 223-232.

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