International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 12 Num. 3 - October 2012


A Review of psychological intervention in Alzheimer?s disease

Volume 12 Num. 3 - October 2012 - Pages 373-388


Francisco Javier Molina Cobos , Mar?a del Mar Montoya Rodr?guez


The rising incidence of Alzheimer?s disease over the last few decades has led to it becoming considered a challenge for health and social care systems worldwide. Examining it from a psychological viewpoint, the benefits of approaching its study from a global perspective have been proposed, taking into consideration much more than the cognitive impairment by which it is characterized. There is growing interest in the non-cognitive symptoms (depressive, psychotic and disturbing and/or inappropriate behavior) observed in Alzheimer?s patients, especially considering that the limitations placed on the patients? well-being are coupled with the impact on the tolerance levels of their caregivers with a consequent increase in burden and stress. The undeniable relevance of this situation has led to attempts being made to verify if this interest is reflected in proposals of preventative and therapeutic actions aimed at improving the quality of life for Alzheimer?s sufferers and their families. For this reason, we have reviewed publications relating to this field from specialized Spanish journals with the greatest impact on the IN-RECS (Impact Index of Spanish Social Science Journals), dated between 1990-2010. The results show that there are relatively few publications on Alzheimer?s and very few providing information regarding therapeutic actions of any kind, as if from a psychological perspective, there was very little to be said on the subject.

Key words:

Alzheimer?s disease, bibliographical review, psychological intervention

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