International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 11 Num. 3 - October 2011


The validation of the Body Image Acceptance and Action Questionnaire: Exploring the moderator effect of acceptance on disordered eating

Volume 11 Num. 3 - October 2011 - Pages 327-345


Cl?udia Ferreira , Jos? Pinto-Gouveia , Cristiana Duarte


The Body Image-Acceptance and Action Questionnaire measures cognitive flexibility and acceptance relatively to body image. This paper presents the factorial structure and psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the Questionnaire in a sample from the general population (n= 679). This version maintains a one-factor structure, similar to the original version of the instrument, which accounts for 63.36% of the variance. It presents high internal consistency (.95), test-retest reliability, and correlates (contrastingly) with self-compassion, body image dissatisfaction, eating disorders symptomatology, social comparison, and depression, anxiety, and stress. The Questionnaire discriminates between a clinical sample with a diagnosed eating disorder (n= 46) and a comparable general population sample (n= 51). Results show that body image acceptance is a significant predictor of eating pathology, and it seems able to lessen the impact of body image dissatisfaction on the engagement on pathological restrictive behaviours and thinness seeking.

Key words:

body image flexibility, acceptance, eating disorders, moderator effect

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