International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 11 Num. 2 - June 2011


Assessing the Factor Structure of the Anger Expression Inventory (ML-STAXI) in a Mexican Sample

Volume 11 Num. 2 - June 2011 - Pages 307-318


Ra?l J. Alc?zar , Jerry L. Deffenbacher , Zinta S. Byrne


Although the State Trait Anger Expression and Control Inventory (ML-STAXI) was validated with Latin American samples, it is unknown whether its factor structure remains in a Mexican only sample. Therefore, the goal was to assess the stability of the ML-STAXI factor structure, and additionally to test a new Questionnaire about Anger Expression with Physical Aggression (QAEPA). Participants were 503 university students (Mage= 21.67, SD= 1.96), 221 men and 282 women. Results from confirmatory factor analyses indicated that current data did not replicate the ML-STAXI factor structure. An exploratory factor analysis yielded nine factors, three of which were identical to previous ML-STAXI: trait anger temperament, trait anger reaction, and anger control-in. The other factors had some similarity to previous ML-STAXI samples. The QAEPA was useful to measure physical aggression toward: others (e.g., pushing someone), objects (e.g., hitting the table), and one self (e.g., cutting). Gender anger differences were small.

Key words:

anger, measurement, validity, culture

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