International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 10 Num. 3 - October 2010


The Impact of Perceived Therapist Characteristics on Patients Decision to Return or Not Return for More Sessions

Volume 10 Num. 3 - October 2010 - Pages 415-426


Ra?l J. Alc?zar Ol?n , Jerry L. Deffenbacher , Laura Hern?ndez Guzm?n , Bipin Sharma , Mar?a Eugenia de la Chauss?e Acu?a


The initial contact with the patient is a crucial element in determining whether he/she will return to therapy. Patients often make their firs impressions of their therapists after the intake interview, and then decide if they will return (or not) for more sessions. However, the decision made by patients has not been fully explored with regard to the characteris-tics they perceived in their therapists. This study compared two groups of patients: Those who decided to return to sessions after the intake interview, and those who opted not to return. One hundred and seventy three patients (Mean age= 26.09 years, SD= 9.75) par-ticipated in the study. They responded to an instrument designed to assess the extent to which a patient perceives positive qualities in their therapist (e.g., expert, attractive, and trustworthy). As a result, at the end of the intake interview 141 patients decided to return (DR), and 32 decided not to return (DNR). DR patients perceived more positive qualities in their therapists and attended a greater number of sessions (Median= 10) compared to DNR patients, who attended less sessions (Median= 2). Sex of the patient was not related to the decision to return after the intake interview.

Key words:

Patient dropout, perception, interview, therapy.

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