International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 1 Num. 1 - June 2001


Actitudes de los Adolescentes ante las Relaciones Sexuales [Teenagers Attitudes on Sexual Relationships]

Volume 1 Num. 1 - June 2001 - Pages 93-113


Francisco Miras Mart?nez


A sex-opinion-and-behavior questionnaire was administer to 1989 high-school-students. The answers were analized and classified around three categories of attitude objects: (1) acceptance or refuse of differents sexual preferences; (2) permisiveness about sex relationships preferences of peer groups and family members; and (3) social rules concern with sexual behaviors. In this paper, A descriptive analysis and further qualitative analysis focused on group opinion trends are presented. Aditionally, professional advice is given in order to help teachers and educational counselors to make decisions in designing sexual education programs

Key words:

Adolescents, Sexual permissiviness, Sexual relationship, Sexual education

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