International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

Volume 1 Num. 1 - June 2001


Inmigraci?n, Prejuicio y Exclusi?n social: Reflexiones en Torno a Algunos Datos de la Realidad Espa?ola [Inmigration, Prejudice and Social Exclusion: Reflections on Some Data About the Spanish Situation]

Volume 1 Num. 1 - June 2001 - Pages 11-32


Fernando Molero, Marisol Navas and J. Francisco Morales , ,


This paper try to analyse the psychosocial aspects of the social exclusion, focused mainly in its relationship with immigration. We mention the prejudice and stigmatisation, which tend to justify the exclusion and to maintain the status quo, as well as the negative effects of the social exclusion on the affected groups. To illustrate these aspects we present data from the Spanish reality ingeneral, from Andalusia Community and from Almeria in particular.

Key words:

Social exclusion, Inmigration, Prejudice, Stigmatisation

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